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    It sucks having a 2 year old phone when it was already released with weak specs back then. So following fellow pre central members with the same phone and showing the same frustration with no webos devices on sprint to switch to I decided to install 2.x on my pre.

    I got 2.x working on my pre minus, including sprint navigation.
    Now... I keep reading how people are happy with their pre minus running 2.x, but mine is really really really really really laggy at times. to the point where i have to pull the battery out and boot up takes around 5 minutes.

    It's really annoying. I can't even use the camera app anymore. It's unreliable. forget even using a flash web site.

    I have the processor overclocked to 1ghz using govnah and the uberkernal packages.

    Am i missing something? Everyone else seems to be happy with their sprint pre minus running webos 2.x, but I want to throw my phone against a wall and buy an EVO 3D.
    How can I stop the lag???

    buying an unlocked pre 2 for over $200 is not worth it to me because i really want my next phone to have an auto focus camera... yet another fail from Palm, the pre 2 doesn't even have auto focus.
    God I wish they would just make webOS open source for HTC and Samsung to put it on their hardware.
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    Your experience sounds about right to me. I don't bother trying with the camera anymore. Overclocking is imperative, but it sounds like you've done that.

    I will say, anecdotally, I doctored four times in a weekend because the previous three weren't stable and the fourth was. It took a while to settle in (or for me to get used to it).

    I survive by using just type to prevent actually opening apps as often as possible (and because I have no other choice). Good luck.

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    Thanks but even just type takes a really really long time sometimes. I accidentally called someone I was hitting hang up over and over and over and no response to my touch. Eventually all my touches queued up and happened.
    This is just really annoying. Since HP is giving me no other options for Sprint. I see no other choice than switching to the EVO 3D
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    I recently replaced my busted Pre- with a replacement off of Craigslist. I contemplated upgrading to 2.0, but instead just went with a quick doctor of the latest 1.x release.

    Shockingly, my phone is fast. Way fast. Way faster than my old pre ever was. Honestly, I think it is as fast as a Veer. I don't know what magic configuration of voodoo resulted in this, but I am ridiculously happy to use my phone.

    the Mrs smiles and giggles every time I gush about how happy this new Pre makes me.

    And $50 off of craigsList is way better than buying a new Android phone from Sprint and being unhappy every time I try to use the gesture area, and remember it isn't webOS.
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    I just went through this process as well and I must say I'm surprised at how responsive my Pre- is with 2.1. I mean, of course it hangs up a little now and then, but it did that on 1.4.5. All in all I'm pretty happy I made the switch.

    My phone app runs well, as does my camera. No going back for me unless something changes drastically.
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