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    i have a palm pre plus from verizon (on my third one since june 2010) and whenever i try to check in on facebook it says my location cant be determined. now my old one (that broke a few weeks ago) did the same thing so when i got this "new" one it worked for a few days then quit.

    how do i make my phone no my location so i can check in at place?
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    The GPS for the Pre Plus on Verizon SUCKS. Blame Verizon for that. I usually dont get a location unless I am driving. And even then its not a sure thing.
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    Also, may want to check that your GPS is on. You never know...
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    If you are on 1.4.5 and have Preware installed, there are some patches that are supposed to help the GPS. But again, I think Verizon has made some changes on their end that just makes the GPS useless. Hopefully this is fixed on future webOS phones.

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