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    So my keyboard decided to die while i was on vacation in Norway (was hoping to use it in wifi mode, but the keyboard was funky and froze up the phone). Looked on here and realized a battery pull might work (5+ min), nope, so I decided to do a partial reset. Aaaand - genious that I am, w/o a keyboard it's not possible to login to my palm profile. Did a full doctor for good measure, did the pinching at the letter "P" thing, but no go. I should've left it w/o the reset - at least I could've made calls and such w/ the touchscreen...

    That said - I'll be trying to pull it apart tomorrow if I can find a torx of the right size (anyone know the correct size?) to see if i can just pull, clean, and reinsert the kb ribbon. Wondering if there's any way to use the terminal via my computer (ubuntu live disk maybe) to enter the keystrokes to log me in @ the palm profile screen?

    Thanks for all the help!
    Oh, and the Pre's 2years old just recently this month - would Sprint still try and help me repair it if I brought it to a service center?

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    Oh, and also curious if I can pull both my and my wife's pre's apart and plug her kb ribbon in for one reboot just to login to the palm profile?

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    If it comes down to "not worth screwing with" I found a refurbished/used Pre on eBay for only $80 to replace my girlfriend's phone. You could try that if all else fails...

    I still have her old scratched-up-but-working Pre minus if you want it. Keyboard works just fine on it and you won't **** off your wife! lol - let me know if you are interested.
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    Thank Halcion - i may be in touch about that Pre.

    Also - anyone know how to access the USB partition in a situation like this where I can't get into the palm profile? I'd love to grab my most recent pics / vids off the device.
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    Have you tried just pluging in your Pre into your computer? That might allow you to get the files off once your Pre is booted up. Also, check out YouTube for vids on how to take your Pre apart. I took one apart reciently and it's fairly easy. Check to make sure you dont have any water damage or salt damage on the keyboard adaptor, that might prevent your keyboard from working. I can also check the extra Pre Plus keyboard I have to see if it's any good. PM me if you'r interested.
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    Well i pulled it apart last night, and I've found one of the problems that may or may not be causing the issue. The ribbon cable going from the keyboard area to the front face has a tear (lower right of the batt compartment). I need to get one of these cables and see if that will clear up the kb issue. As it is now, I'm getting an error when turning on the phone (wont even bring me to the login screen for my palm profile). I'll try to replace this cable, and see if that was what was preventing the kb from registering as well.


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