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    I know we can metadoctor to 2.x, but will there ever be an update? What about the promised 2.x update for older devices?
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    They made it pretty clear in February it wasn't gonna happen. Bummer, I know.

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    No. There will never be an update. Any contrary replies following mine are purely speculative, fantastically, and unrealistic.

    The answer is no.
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    They should release it, and provide a disclaimer that there will be no official support for problems and to direct the average Joe consumer to precentral for support.

    What's it to them? They already abandoned the device.
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    OK thx guys, I haven't been following the news on here until I grabbed my touchpad. Looks like I'll be going the metadoctor route...
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    Wait! What about the VZW update that was release within the past month or so?
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    no official update.
    use metadoctor. Preplus runs it well.

    franken pre 2 w 2.1 as I write this
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    hp aint gonna do nothing about us (palms test ginnypigs) their gonna spend their time with their pre3 and touchpad(money makers(sort of) they just want us to buy a pre3. But by the time new products settle down and hp gets their *** in gear and is ready to do something with us were all gonna was lost our minds with the pre and thought it at a wall. My pre was almost thrown at a wal 3 times just trying to get on the precentral it wouldn't load then it froze and restarted(10min later) it loaded started reading zoomed in got really unclear and very lagging processor got up to 51 then started working fine I was like alright then it decided it wanted to turn off turned it back on(7min later) and I have now wasted an hour and a half of my life. My pre has been stuburn but iv never seen this before. I was almost like it wanted to be splattered on the wall
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    Just like the first generation iphone cant run iOS 4, the first generation Pre/Pre Plus cant run webOS 2.1. It happens when the OS surpasses the hardware.
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