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    Before I bought my Touchpad, my Pre- was invaluable. Yes, I've had hardware issues (I'm on my 5th Pre), but as a connected device giving me access to all my email, contacts, calendar, and providing a decent web experience, it's still the best phone I've ever owned.

    An interesting thing though - in situations where I'd have used my Pre to browse the web, deal with emails, etc, I find my Touchpad is filling the gap. Better browsing, better email. I rarely use my Pre for all those things now, and mostly use it as a phone.

    BUT --

    Went to Best Buy today to pick up a folio case for my Touchpad (they finally have 'em in stock). I didn't bring it with, because it's a short drive. Got to the store, and there was an HP rep hovering over the Touchpad display. I was pretty happy that a) there was an HP minder there, and b) they had a nice kiosk set up for the Touchpad.

    He lept on me (figuratively) and asked if I was interested in buying a Touchpad. I said no, I already have one, and just want to buy a case. I briefly effused about my tablet.

    So this guy is carrying a clipboard with him (N.B. to HP - have your minders equipped with Touchpads), and asked what I liked and what I disliked about my Touchpad, pen at the ready. We had a nice, 15-minute chat, and he feverishly scribbled notes. He was reasonably well-informed (he knew about the OTA update coming up), but I was able to show him a few new selling points. When I showed him the Angry Birds card-flick Easter Egg, he loved it: "I'm going to show this to everyone considering the Touchpad now"!

    I asked him how the tabs have been selling, and he had an interesting observation. The TPs are selling reasonably well, and every person that's asked for a demo has been wowed by the device. But there's a prejudice shoppers bring in - folks who aren't nerds like us are trusting what they read and what they've heard, which means they came in to buy an iPad or a Xoom, on the advice of their more techie friends. They don't trust themselves to go out on a limb for a new OS and device.

    Luckily, he's figured out a big advantage Best Buy has: "If you don't like it, bring it back and we'll sell you an iPad instead".

    So, to close out my topic (which I apologize for letting get out of hand), he asked about community websites he could look at to learn more about the dedicated fan community. I whipped out my Pre, tapped my link to PreCentral, and we spent a few minutes reviewing comments and links. I suspect he'll be joining soon. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo View Post

    Luckily, he's figured out a big advantage Best Buy has: "If you don't like it, bring it back and we'll sell you an iPad instead".

    This is the greatest thing I have heard so far, why did it take so long for someone to figure that out!

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