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    Here is a situation

    My palm pre is out of 3G service and I did a full erase

    Of course I love my pre and I would still love to use it

    But since there is no more 3G service from my provider, I can't get passed the logging in to my palm profile.

    There is no way to activate a wi fi and I'm basically stuck on that.

    Any suggestions from pre specialists?

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    use the palm bypass utility and the first use patch and you will be all set!
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    If its not clear, the step when pre requires to log in to profile or create a new one stops me from using the device since there is no connection
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    use the palm bypass utility and the first use patch and you will be all set!
    That was a quick reply, thanks

    What is that utility your are talking about?
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    you need to run the bypass utility and then activate with your old profile. That's how developers can develop without having voice service for every device.
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    Ok I'll try to plug it to my pc and I'll see what hapens

    To be continued....
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    follow the instructions on the page where you downloaded the utility. It works like a charm!
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    I have no idea what bypass utility is, do I download it from palm?
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    yes, sorry. I'm not at a PC so I might not be able to find it from my phone. I'll take a look.
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    here you go:

    1) doctor
    2) bypass utility
    3) activate
    4) install preware
    5) install first use and bypass patches if you want access to to the catalog and any apps you have already purchased.

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