Seem to be having the very well known earpiece not working issue. But for me it seems different that what I've read on the threads.

The headset/speaker icon on phone app responds correctly when plugging/unplugging headset. Headset sound works fine.

Rear speaker works for system sounds or calls. However, if I run the Interactive Tests, select audio, no sound is heard from earpiece. Then after running tests, the rear speaker no longer works for system sounds but does for calls if on speakerphone. Resetting phone brings back system sounds but still no earpiece sounds.

Tried all the suggestions on thread. Cleaned with q-tip/alcohol, blew it out, plugged/unplugged headset while playing music etc etc.

I don't think its the same issue others discuss because on the phone app, the headset icon does correctly change back and forth indicating phone is not stuck in headset mode.

Tried Dr'ing too with no effect. Anything else to try?