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    Hey all, got a pre- (sprint, old skool) palm pre. Ran the uber kernel and govnah on several of these devices now. I'm probably on my 18th month of service with sprint and at THE VERY LEAST the 18th phone. I just went through three this past week. I've had just about every problem known except the funny halo screen issue, that one never got to me. .. .. anyway, speaker's stopped working or the microphone would, or the dreaded headphone jack, that was mostly it.

    All they ever do is say "you don't want to switch to an Android, reaaaallyyyy? OMG, why?? they are, like, cool."

    Anyway, my phone was so slow and I would often get the too many cards open notification with one or two cards open, it drove me nuts.

    so, once I found the overclocking kernels were tested and available I became a user and abuser. I love them. Usually running the 1g/500m speed. I did find the 800 hung up and crashed often, the 600 didn't give me the bump I needed. 720 is safe but seems to burn battery when the screen is off at too fast a rate.. nevertheless...

    Anyway, my most recent good phone lasted 5 or 6 months, and over the past few weeks after power cycling it would turn on under the uberkernel or palm default cpu settings. At those speeds it could hardly cope with being turned on, let alone being used, it would hang, mail not load, etc...

    so, upon recieving the new to me refurbished phones, I'm noticing that they are much faster at the default speed (before installing govnah/uberkernel) than the my recent handset which went several months overclocked.

    I know she got hot, sometimes approaching mid-upper forties, maybe even 50 Celcius a few times.

    will overheating meltdown these fragile butterflies or what?

    opinions and flamage welcomed.
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    No flaming, but if the phone is not doing it for you, maybe you should try something else. Looks like you've been around here for over 18 months, so you know the drill. If you are willing to change carriers, try the Pre 2 or even the Pre Plus if you can get it on another carrier. If you like the OS enough to stay with the platform, you just need better hardware. Otherwise, you may need to go with the best Sprint has to offer (probably Android)

    Sprint hasn't done jack with the Pre since since 2009. Don't blame therm for the original crappy build, but the newer ones have been much better but as they (Sprint) won't carry them, there is not much you can do.

    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    A couple weeks ago, I got really tired of my Minus being slow and decided to Dr. it before smashing with a hammer. The fresh install made the phone much snappier and hopefully will continue to work until HP "Makes It Right" (or there is a better phone choice).

    Before the recent Dr. my phone would randomly reboot or have the screen just shut off. It would get warm sometimes but never really hot even though oc'd to 720 or 1g.

    We the Minus sufferers need relief from our affliction
    Will it be worth sticking to HP Web OS? I hope so but need to see the right hardware and software.
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    no fooling. I'll try Dr.'ing next time around if the phone exhibits those traits again.. we've suffered for so long. a year ago this post would have netted 2.8 billion responses.. it seems so many have moved on

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