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    The last week or so, my Pre Plus has started using a lot of 3G internet bandwidth (70-200Mb / day with minimal web browsing vs. about 20-40Mb before). I've been monitoring using Net Stat to see the usage by hour, but it won't tell me what is using the network. I've done the following:

    Uninstalled CloudTask - I don't think it was the issue, but since it was recently installed, I thought I'd try that.

    Put Evernote into WiFi only mode - I think this was part of the issue, but I don't know how to tell how much it was using.

    Set my e-mail accounts to down load once an hour for google and manual for my work Exchange Server account.

    Even with these settings and doing no web browsing, I'm still burning through about 5-7 Mb / hour.

    Is there a tool that will tell me what is causing this? Is there a setting to disable 3G access (without going to airplane mode)?
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    For disable 3G:
    Open phone app. In the appmenu (top left), tap settings.
    Scroll down. You can set data usage to 3g,2g, or automatic. And you can switch of data completely.
    There are patches avail to bring that option into the sysmenu (top right)
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    Thanks.. I found it. I have the patch, but all I have on the sysmenu is the 3g,2g,Automatic. The on off switch is still in the phone menu under 'Phone Services'.

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