So I finally went into a Verizon store and had them send me a replacement Pre Plus for the increasingly worsening damage on the one I already had. I received the replacement today and activated it and everything and things are working great with it.

When I went back to the old phone to start erasing things off of it, it said that I had been signed out of my Palm Profile obviously and all that business. On this same screen though there was a red button that asked if I wanted to delete my data, which I hit. Afterwards, I got a black screen simply showing a white plug-in which I figured meant it wanted me to connect to a charger. Once I did that, I had to turn on the phone again and immediately was prompted with the screens you get when you first turn on one of these phones to start activating it.

My question is: Does anyone know if this means my data has been erased from the phone? I'm uncertain because it never actually told me if this was the case before telling me to plug the phone in and then prompting me with the activation setup. If not, is there an easy way to ensure the data HAS been erased? Even further, does anyone know if it's really that big of a deal? I'm certain Verizon will probably wipe the phone themselves if they plan to refurbish it or whatever anyway, but I don't exactly want to take a chance that someone's going to be flipping through my old text messages or anything later.

I do not have Homebrew, patches, or any of that other stuff installed on the old phone either, so I don't know that running any of that fancy stuff will exactly help matters any.

Any feedback on this would be great, thank you!