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    I have an unlocked Palm Pre plus webOS 1.4.5

    I have the unlimited talk & text & data

    I know we only get 2g...

    Can anyone watch videos? Stream online music?

    I cant do either on my cell or when I tether with FreeTether. I cannot DL anything more than half a mb, I cannot play FB gamnes such as vids, no music...

    I can't do alot of things.

    Is it just me? Im very rural and hardly anyone uses t-mobile out here where I am.

    Anything I can do to be able to do these things?

    Been this way since I got the cell in January. I spoke to customer service and all I got was "without a t-mobile phone you'll only get 2g". I know this but does that mean EVERYONE with a Palm and t-mobile has to go without the ability to do these things?

    So frustrated. My network connection is interrupted almost every 30 seconds.
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    Palm phones usually require 3g or a wi-fi connection when doing things that require high speed data like video streaming (from what I remember). The best thing you can really do is to have your phone connect to a wifi network whenever it is available. If anyone else can put in some input, please do.
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    So does that mean unless you wifi. anyone with a Palm and T-mobile is SOL?

    I cannot WAIT til I can switch to Verizon.
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    Where is rural Kym? No Sprint there?
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    As far as I know there is no Sprint here. AT&T and Verizon are the big guys here.

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