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    My Treo 755p (as well as previous models) has a screen which shows the next 3 or four calendar events as well as tasks due and email count summary. This is all on one screen and could be made the default screen so that when you first look at your phone, you know what is going on today!!
    I was very disappointed to see the Palm Pre Plus has no such screen! Is there a way to get that functionality back? I have done a 'search' through the forums but haven't found anything yet.
    Please let me know.
    Many MANY thanks,
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    In preware there is an advanced patch that shows today's events and tomorrows events.
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    Well, I guess that's a start. Thanks!
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    Is the app "Agenda" still available through homebrew? That should do what you want.

    Or on 2.x there's the Agenda Exhibition view, but that only helps on the Touchstone.

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