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    Wow. I feel like I'm TOTALLY out of date here with my Palm Pre Plus... but I'll ask anyway.

    Verizon is my carrier...

    TuneIn Radio is cutting out every 20 seconds... I listen to AM talk radio exclusively... I had two stations that I listened to, and one is now coming through like the Chipmonks after the last OS upgrade ( This is attributed to a flaw in the OS, according to TuneIn. The other station just flakes out every 20 or 30 seconds, and I've seen evidence that this stream was taken over by COX who may have changed something in the way it's streaming. Instead of getting the commercials that had previously run from the local radio station I now get silence and the stream then disconnects.

    I have insurance on this phone and it has a cracked case, which doesn't seem to hurt it's functionality buy which may qualify me to replace it.

    Does anyone know if the Palm Pre Plus inventory has dried up so I would be "forced" to move on to the HP Pre 2?
    Is anyone aware of improvements in the TuneIn capability of the Pre 2?
    I wear bluetooth connected hearing aids and their functionality with the Pre 2 is half of the functionality of my Palm Centro. Has anyone any experience with hearing aids and the HP Pre 2?
    Has the micro phone jack issue been 'fixed'.
    Anybody got a nice SIMPLE app like the 'To do list' from the Centro that works on the Pre 2?
    Anybody who owns a Pre 2, what's the 'fit and finish' like. Is it robust?

    Would any of you Pre 2 owners actually continue on with the next Pre? This Plus has been a BIG disappointment!

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    do you have any patches? Do you have ad bocker or the other mega blocker patch? If so, try removing those and see if it gets better
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    If you are using Govnah...adjust your settings to allow the processor not to scale down when using TuneIn as streaming radio is processor intensive. Also, uninstall the adblocker. For some reason, it causes issues with the audio apps. I have no idea why but somebody diagnosed that to be an issue in several audio apps awhile ago.

    We can't do anything about the chipmunking. It's a bug in the AAC+ audio codec in the operating system. Still no fix from the audio processor manufacturer.

    There's really not much that we can improve on for the app. Audio is played back through the same audio interface that the Palm streaming audio application and Palm music application uses. It's all that's available currently for a pure Mojo app. What station are you listening to? I can look into seeing if there is an alternative stream for it that might stream better.


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    loopytee... Nope I'm not doing ANYTHING tricky, about the only thing I've downloaded for this phone is a program called "Service!" which is a substitute for the bell at the reception desk of a hotel.

    DocLee, No Govnah, no adblocker (that I know of), I listen to KPTK and KPHX, but KPHX has gone Chipmunk. Used to listen to KRXA in Monterey, but I think it's gone all "Silverlight" on me. As it is I've been listening to KPTK all this evening and it IS NOT dying on me so perhaps the problem was transitory, but if I lose this one last station I will have to start listening to music... yech! Thanks for the reply. If I continue to have problems I'll see if I can pin down what is changing.

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    Thanks DocLee! I was having the same issue -- not being able to stream. Removing adBlock patch fixed it.

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