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    My Sprint Pre does almost everything I need. The only missing feature I want is Flash. I would like to view things like Daily Show clips on the Comedy Central website. I plan to stick with Unix based Sprint devices so a Frankensteined Pre 2 or an EVO 3D seem to be my best options.

    Does anyone who has used those devices think that they have sufficient Flash support for basic video playback? Or should I wait a few more months until a more powerful device is released? I really have no reason to switch from my Sprint Pre if the current devices can't handle Flash.

    Thanks for any feedback!
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    I have a Pre2 on Sprint....Frankenpre. It is great! 20 times better than my Pre-....
    If we are able to get SMS to work with the TP on the Pre2, I will be keeping my Pre2 on Sprint for at least another year. Great little phone. Flash works good. Not great. But useable under wifi...
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    IMHO I'm not going to hack together a phone and I don't trust the workmanship of what's on ebay, so go to the EVO 3D or the motorola photon. There are too many issues with a hacked device and sprint will not help you.

    You could overclock your pre and put 2.1 on it, but that's a bit of work just for flash.
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    Just an FYI, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK...$these$ $phones$ $run$ $linux$ $kernel$, $not$ $unix$ =)

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