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    It all started 2 days ago.

    My pre- was plugged into my pc to xfer some movies off. Once I was done, I did the usual 'eject' and waited. Then waited. Finally after 5 minutes I unplugged it.

    The phone went to the flashing palm logo, then froze. 3-4 battery pulls later, it still froze during boot.

    I went on here and found a solution to control-alt-r. The phone successfully booted then. Except there were no apps on the phone other than the stock apps.

    No pics... But my downloaded movies are still on.

    I tried to install my usual apps, but it kept saying there is no disc space.

    I did a sweep delete of the videos, but returning to the video app, they are still there. I doctored the phone a few times, still the files were there after setup. I went on via novaterm, but all the command line stated I lacked permission to delete my files.

    I've come to a possible conclusion that either the file system is corrupted in such a way that everything has a root owner, or a file is corrupted and takes up the remainder of the free space (which I've seen before years ago).

    I also connected back to the computer, but it won't detect the pre plugged in (while it used to prior to this issue).

    Since the power button and volume keys were no longer working, I took the pre to the sprint store. They replaced the slider (which includes the buttons). I asked them to doctor the phone too. No such luck.

    So right now my issues are:

    • The OS will freeze upon boot (requiring a option-symbol-r).
    • I can't delete anything to free up harddrive space.

    My tech said if I can't get it to work right, he will order me a new pre- from HP. He said they still have plenty.

    Any assistance y'all can provide would be highly appreciated.
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    assistance would be appreciatef

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