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    I have been using Mobile Hotspot on my Verizon Pre Plus everyday for about a year now and all of a sudden I get this error message "No sharing Service. Sharing internet connection requires an addition to your mobile service plan." Did Verizon cut me off?
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    if I understood right when I first got my plus I think the promotional free 5 gb a month hotspot was only for a year. I'm not sure since they've upgraded me to a pre 2 and they didn't let me keep the "free" hotspot with the 2. Freetether works great in place of that though.... You can get it through preware and its just as easy to use. Hope this helped
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    Just remove the MH app and install FreeTether, when FT is running your phone does not show up that it is tethering.
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    if you restart MHS (and sometimes restart the phone) it will work. kjust a hiccup in the VZW prrofisioning server.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. I realized that the MHS needed to be re-configured I configured it and now it works. Funny how all of a sudden it clears out.
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    I would still look into homebrew and try out FreeTether. It works just the same and you dont get charged for it.

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