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    Have an original PRE minus on Sprint. Yesterday, after years of perfect use, my Touchstone charging stone device STOPPED working. I tried replugging it every which way with 0 results. Then I just plugged the charging cable directly into the side of my Pre and....the cable works fine.

    So - is my Touchstone DEAD?

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to revive it that anyone knows? ANYTHING AT ALL???

    any help advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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    Do you have another Touchstone to try? If it charges from the second Touchstone, then it is your Touchstone, if not, it may be your back plate. Does the phone charge through the USB port? If not, then there is a bigger issue.
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    same here......ts just stopped working.
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    It could be the touchstone or the cover on the phone.

    You could get a new set on amazon for roughly $20 and test the cover. If it starts charging then, you'll have an extra touchstone.

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    it could be the wall adapter and the cable. They are so cheap on, so grab a spare so you cab do some troubleshootung.
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    The original TS I bought with my Pre stopped working about a month ago - phone works fine with any other TS, and the one that died wasn't moved from teh spot where it was originally set up; it just - died. Cable works fine when plugged into the phone, and even with another TS - it's just this TS that's now nothing more than a magnetic stand for the phone.
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    I had to replace the charger cover when I had that problem.
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    You might also go to a store that has a demo phone with a touchstone (verizon, sprint) and try placing your phone on the store's touchstone...

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