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    I'm new here. Had my verizon Palm Pre Plus for a little over a year now. Just moved to a new town and apartment back in Apr. 2011. Never any issues with phone until a month ago.

    My phone will not receive text messages while in my apt.. unless i make an outgoing call from the phone. This like magically "opens" a line and the texts come in.
    Weird ONLY happens when at home. Phone works fine when at work or when out an about.

    I've done a "soft reboot". I've called Verizon and had them do stuff. I've even called Palm itself and had a chat with a guy on what to do to fix it. I download some palm doctor program to the computer and hooked phone to it.... that took several hrs..and didn't fix it.
    Finally had Verizon send me a new one under warranty. This "new" phone has worked fine for a day and a half... then the issue started again. I missed an important text from the wife.. and needless to say she was not happy about it.

    Do you guys have any other ideas about what is causing this and how to fix it. I'm at wits end with it...but i hate to get rid of this phone...i kinda like.

    PLZ HELP!!!!!
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    how good is your signal? And whay city are you in?
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    Full bars. Bakersfield, CA
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    Oh yea... never had this problem before downloading the update. The "new" phone came with it already installed
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    107 views and everyone is stumped i guess. Thanks Cantaffordit for at least trying to offer something.

    I"m so over this problem.
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    I cannot relate fully as i am not on verizon, or even in the US for that matter. I'm in Canada on Bell and i had an issue of texts not coming in, or missing parts of messages. I called into Bell tech support and had the tech look into my text database to see if there was any problem. There wasn't any errors on the network side and the tech had told me that messages are shown as "received" on the network side but my phone had never received them. So clearly my problem was related to my phone, so a doctoring should help (but i am currently stuck in a situation where i cannot doctor my phone).

    So from my experience all i can recommend is doctoring your phone.

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