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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping someone out there has experienced this already and can help me out here...

    I just recently upgraded to 2.1 from (VZW). The install went extremely smooth (thanks webos internals!) and once I had my phone back up and running, I went right ahead to overclocking (uberkernel 720/250 screenstate) and patching it up with the advanced sconix patches (VZW patches) as well as installing modeswitcher. Before the upgrade my phone was running pretty well but now it has trouble unlocking. I upgraded 3 days ago and I have had to force a reboot 4 times due to the phone getting stuck on the lock screen when I try to wake it up. Has anyone experienced this? I'm guessing it's either the overclock or the advanced patches... TIA!
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    I've had the same problem a couple of times and I'm running 1.4.5 on (AT&T Pre+)...

    I also have the mode switcher and the overclock.

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents to see if somebody can troubleshoot this...
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    My VZW Pre Plus meta'd to 2.1 has the same problem. I EPR'd all my patches and it got worse. I am overclocking with UberKernel (screenstate 1k/250). Gonna test with a 800/500 or with a different governor to see if maybe its not handling the sudden speed change.

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