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    i am trying to add an akey to my palm pre by dialing ###2539# ... i enter the akey and msl code but it says akey and checksum are not correct .... any ideas ... I also try to use qxdm to add the akey but when i open qxdm it says error with diag server ... please help
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    I have been successful on my own
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVINCIBZ View Post
    I have been successful on my own
    I have problem like that too. please tell me how....thx
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    I used CDMa Workshop and read the phone settings of which you will need your msl code. After that there is a section called Cave where it says AKEY ... put all zeros on that section and then click on akey you will notice that dec and hex will show all zeros then where it says ESN you will put your esn. Below that it says checksum and then below it that it says calc. Click calc and it will calculate your AKEY. After that click on write and this will write the AKEY to your phone. after that restart your phone and you should be all set.

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