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    I am still using my Spring Palm Pre (purchased Sept '09), which I love. But about 5-10 days ago, all of a sudden it started burning through it's battery. I typically have the battery last most of the day, and now it was only lasting 4-6 hours, and regularly getting warm due to heavy use.

    From some troubleshooting, it seems to be caused my heavy data access. I do not recall making any changes to the programs, or installing anything new; I typically have Mail access by Gmail account, but that has never caused problems before. The only similar occurrance in the past was when I left the Facebook app to constantly connect, but I have since deleted it. I wanted to identify what program was causing all the traffic, but I can't figure out a way to either list what programs are running, what programs are using the data service, or find the right log file to review. I had never installed any homebrew apps until now trying to troubleshoot this, but hadn't found one that solves my problems.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    My Pre- does the same thing, generally when the data signal strength is weak. I can lose 20% of my battery in 30 minutes while the phone is on a Touchstone.
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    I've had the battery burn on low or no signal too, but this is different. There are frequent periods where something is using a lot of data traffic, and if I'm in a low-signal area it's that much worse. It even shows up (to a lesser degree), if I'm on a wifi.

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