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    my phone rings once or none at all and then it says missed call. what could the problem be....

    help will be appreciated

    thank you
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    blocked call auto reject?
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    or unknown # auto reject?
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    Or an overloaded bogged down phone. Calls have been torturous for me in the last weeks. When a call came in, the screen lit up, but didn't do anything for ~10 seconds. Then I got the notification sound twice, before the phone ringing for about 3 seconds before the call going to voice mail. Not enough time when you're not looking at the phone constantly.

    After doctoring it feels snappy again... for the next 4 months or so...
    'til we meet again.
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    actually doctored my pre about a week ago and I don't have those patches installed ...
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    Problem fixed ...
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    my pixi+ plus does that too. don't know why. sorry i can't help
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    well I got mine fixed ...
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    Would you mind saying how, so future users may profit from your experience?
    'til we meet again.
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    I've been getting this occasionally with my SPre w/ 2.1. Reboot seems to help, but I haven't researched it much yet.
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    In my case I unlocked the Pre to use in another country and after installing the prl and the esn being in their network I was not able to make calls or receive calls. I was told by the carrier that my phone needed an A-Key to be added. If I dailed ##2539#(##AKEY) it seemed I could it add from the phone but was no successful so I had to use CDMA Workshop to load the A-Key. After I did this my phone works perfect.

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