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    Hi there!

    A couple of days back my beloved german Pre Plus running 2.1.0 brok down: The Touchscreen just broke for no apparent reason. Now i have those really nice fissure lines underneath the screen, and the touch unit doesn't respond.

    The problem being, that my palm profile backup stop working about 2 months ago, and (hoping for an easy fix) I disabled and enabled it again, but it wouldn't backup either way. So no palm profile backup.
    I did use Save/Restore most of my apps, since I am an heavy homebrew user.

    Do you guys have any suggestions how to pull my texts and contacts of my device? Preferably more, but those two would make me a very happy man. I am aware of the cellebrite trick where you enter *66632*# in the phone and it saves your contacts into on neat little contact file. However some time has passed since I last did that, and I'm missing some pretty important contacts.

    I appreciate your time, if you put any in this ;-)
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    Do you have any suggestions? It would be very helpful!

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