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    Over the past 2 weeks, I've repeatedly had the error notification saying, "You are no longer signed into your Palm Profile". I would have to reboot the phone, sign back in to my Palm Profile, re-download apps, re-install Preware, restore data using Save/Restore, etc...

    I know mine isn't an isolated problem, as there are numerous threads describing the same issue, but none of them really say what's causing it, or more importantly, how to keep it from happening. I've had it happen at least 8 times over the last 2 weeks and it's really getting infuriating.

    I did Doctor my phone, hoping that would fix things, but I've had it happen three times since then. I use Save/Restore, and restored backed-up data from that. Is is possible some thing I'm restoring is causing the problem?

    A lot of the other threads describing the problem end with the user changing phones. If this is a hardware-related problem, does anyone know what part of the hardware is causing it? I'm currently on a Sprint Pre Minus, but if I'm going to have to buy a phone, I'd like to get a Pre Plus or Pre 2 and do a com board swap. However, if the problem is caused by a bad com board, I'd hate to end up trying to put the bad com board into a FrankenPre.
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    Thanks, Somline. I did send a PM as suggested.

    I'm starting to wonder if I'm experiencing filesystem corruption. I've noticed some strange issues with files disappearing. Is there some way to do a filesystem check other than the "Quick Tests" under Device Info?
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    Where do you git this? On the USB partition?
    If so I think you can use the PS/MAC and device in USB mode and do a chckdsk?
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    I did have some weirdness on the media partition - at one point, all my wallpapers disappeared but one. But the OS in general seems to be going a bit screwy.

    After the last profile-logged-out error, I decided to make as few tweaks as possible. I configured synergy to sync with GMail, my ISP's email, and the Exchange server at work, then installed Preware so I could get Save/Restore and Keyring. No patches and minimal apps.

    A few hours later, I open the mail app to re-read a message from work, and none of the accounts are set up. I'm suspicious the flash storage is failing, which is why I was asking about filesystem utilities.

    Yesterday I scored a Verizon Pre+ on eBay, so at this point I'm just trying to nurse it along until the newer one arrives. I'm going to make sure I export the tokens so I'll be able to do the com board swap

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