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    If you are like me and havent updated your itunes from 9.01 just so you can sync it with your Pre, you dont have to worry anymore.

    HP Play recognizes your Pre- and syncs all your playlists from itunes without any hassle even from itunes 10.x

    Great news!
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    It works with all webOS devices

    Now to get a quality stock music player going for them....

    They should just hire DanPLC.
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    I just tried the same with my Pre Plus and it worked perfect! Thx for the heads up, because I thought it was only for the touchpad.
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    now, they need to get that wireless sync up and running.
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    I'm still running 1.4.5 on my pre- and it worked perfectly. I don't have enough room for all of my music so I liked the fact that HP Play imported my itunes playlists. It'll be awesome when they get wireless sync working!
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    Has anyone had problems syncing HP Play with a Pre? I'm curious, because I had a problem syncing my other Pre on another computer where HP Play reports the USB mass storage device was removed after syncing about 3 or 4 songs.

    Edit: Previously stated fix turned out to not be a fix...

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    I can't get it install on my hacked Dell Mini 9 running Mac OS X... Oh well...

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