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    I tried to doctor my phone and it keeps stopping at 64% every time I try it. I have probably tried 5 times. I was on the phone with verizon tech support for quite some time as well. After 3 hours I'm frustrated and realizing I should have probably turned here first. The bad news is...I'm out of warranty on the phone.

    Here is my issue. Since I did a full reset of the phone I haven't been able to log back in to my profile.... the 3G icon is gone. I have even tried the ##3236# option which allowed me to turn 3g only on.

    So, I have tried to run the doctor and it won't work for I said, it stops at 64%. I'm still without 3G so I can't get anywhere in the phone. Tech support said it is basically bricked.
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    nevermind...just going to list it on ebay and perhaps buy a pre2 til the 3 comes out.

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