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    Hello everyone!

    I have a guy here from the forum is going to do a FrankenPre conversion for me later this morning.

    I will be using a Verizon Pre2 to make the conversion.

    For those of you who have a FrankenPre - how is your experience so far? Any bugs I should be concerned about? From what I've read, if the conversion is done correctly, everything seems to be working.

    I can't wait to shout, "It's alive, it's alive!" LOL!
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    My FrankenPre works like a charm. Much faster than my Pre+.
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    My pre2 just arrived, frankenpre by the end of th day here too!
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    My frankenpre- has been working great. Love it! Makes me anxious for the Pre3.

    But, just an FYI, do *NOT* under any circumstances ever let the sprint folks tell you to delete your network profile or do any other network work on it. To get it working again you'll have to:
    1. Put the comm board back into a working Pre+ or Pre-
    2. If you use a Pre+ and it doesn't have the right tokens, you'll have to use meta-doctor to install the right tokens.
    3. Then use the stock sprint webos doctor and activate the Pre+/Pre- on Sprint
    4. Then put the comms board back into the Pre2
    5. Finally, redoctor with the pre2 meta-doctor

    That's a couple of days that I won't get back. Best to avoid if you can.
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    I've had mine for a couple of months now and I LOVE it. It actually has made it acceptable (for now) that Sprint isn't getting the Pre3.

    The only thing is that you will not get all the Sprint apps. This has not been a problem for me, but some people miss the Sprint Navigation.

    Enjoy your new phone, you'll love it.

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    frankenpre up and running. Great so far.
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    Once I have my FrankenPre up and running - what happens if I swap to another Sprint device and want to come back to it? Normally when you do an ESN swap, you need to do a profile update. Will this profile update mess up the FrankenPre?
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    I've heard nothing but good reviews from people who have gotten their Pre2 done through WebOS World which I help manage so I think it's definitely worth the trip.
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    I think there is a high probability it will cause a problem. But probably fixed easy enough by doctoring your origional pre back to 145 and repeating the frankenpre process

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