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    Noticed this problem on a Sprint Pre Plus as well as my new Sprint Pre 2 (FrankenPre's obviously):

    If I'm on a phone call using headphones (with a mic, eg. The Palm headphones) and hit the power button to turn off my screen, the audio mutes and I can't hear the phone conversation any more. There's an audible click as this happens. Turning the screen back on lets me return to the conversation.

    This also happens if the screen turns off because of the proximity sensor, which is particularly annoying since it means I can't put the phone in my pocket while on a call.

    I do have a number of patches installed (notably, all the Advanced patches).

    Anyone else having the same issue? Any ideas?
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    Update: I realized the headphones don't actually mute, they divert all audio to the left earpiece only... I thought it was muting because I tend to always use just the right side. Also, people tend to complain that they can't hear me when the screen's off. Any ideas?

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