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    (Sory for my English,but i speak no good..)

    I have a problem with turn on in my Palm pro.I plug in Palm pro in computer with USB cable. And on the phone view ' please dont disconnect battery' and line download. When download finished telephone turn off. Adn I cant turn on now.. I see only black view with white 'palm'. Button under display is all time light off. What i can do ?
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    'Please don't disconnect phone' means your phone is shutting down. Probably because the battery is out of power.

    The 'Palm' appears when the phone is starting up. It can take several minutes before the phone fully restarts. If the 'Palm' starts to glow, you are probably ok.

    I would try to charge the phone from a real charger and not a computer. The computer may not provide enough power to get the phone started.

    Sounds like your battery may no longer be useful.
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    exactly string looks like this 'not remove the battery'. But when they turn off, i have 50% battery. Palm turn off at once when 'download' finished..
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    Now i have battery 0% and view is all black. I plug in USB and i see battery on the view. Now again is only palm.. string dont 'pulse' and button is all time light off.
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    please help me..

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