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    using a German o2 Pre(-) updated to 2.1, I once in a while run in a strange phenomenon with my photos: By then, the camera is still working and taking snaps, but they don't appear in Photos anymore. Likewise I cannot make the image display by tapping the small picture preview to the lower left in the camera window. By then, also deleting from within the photo app doesn't work anymore, pictures don't disappear, new ones don't show up. Looking at things using Linux tools via terminus I see the pictures are correctly captured/stored/removed, and looking at the device via USB or SSH/FTP shows the same. Unfortunately, I haven't found any way how to make the photo app reload its stuff and see things changed in there.
    Is this a known problem? What can I do about this?
    TIA and all the best,
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    I'm having this same problem. I doctored my phone and it fixed the problem for a while, but then it just re-occurred...
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    Here's a solution:

    Kenjo2009 also references this solution in post 47:

    Trying it now,
    Thanks guys!

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