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    Obviously many of us have been through a number of pre's, i am on my 5th as of now. and this one(like the other 4) went into "phone offline" ya run the tests, modems shot, run os doctor and occasionally it fixes, at least for a little while. Sound familiar? Well, this pre went offline yesterday and ive been messing with webos dr since. its reset a few times and let me log into to palm profile then went offline again after reboot. Then I noticed something, most of my pres went to crap after LOOKING for updates, not even updating just touching the update button from app launcher. In fact, this one just restarted, with a good connection(even though tests said modem is bad) after running webos dr AGAIN. but i wanted to try my theory of the update button. Ive synced all my accounts, called voicemail, sent txts, checked email, surfed web, setup wifi and bluetooth all without any issue. I said to my neighbor, "watch, the second I touch this update button, it'll go offline" TaDaa! Sure enough offline it went within 3 seconds of touching update app. PALM(HP) maybe look into this, or not since you've already lost a ****-ton of money replacing pre's i would imagine, ki know all mine have been free(thank you insurance) well theres my theory, i wont be updating ever again
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    Reboot the phone using orange+sym+r and leave the slider open while it reboots. Keep the slider open as long as you can & see if it goes into phone offline mode. Then after a few calls, web surfing, texting for a couple hours close the slider & see if it suddenly goes to offline mode.

    my phone went into offline as soon as the pre slider/keyboard was closed. Something was wrong with my flex cable & the only fix was to replace it. I just replaced the keyboard & slider mechanism since its all in one unit. The youtube video for sprint pre to pre+ conversion shows how. Its just removing 4 screws. I got a sprint pre off of ebay for 20 dollars & swapped it. Reflashing modem firmware didn't help & re-doctoring did nothing.

    I figured it out when using orange+sym+r to reboot. It would always come back on, not in offline mode. Any other way would come back on in offline mode. Then I realised I always left the phone slider open when using orange+sym+r just incase i t came on offline & I had to press it again.

    Fortunately I was able to remember to leave it open while waiting on my new pre to arrive from ebay. Every time I closed it by accident it would go offline within 2 minutes. Also now that I swapped it the other phone now is in off line mode so I know that was the problem.

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