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    I have the wonderful pre from sprint. I used the meta-doctor to fix the problem that A the OS can't be updated and B you can't use the phone without the Sprint Plan. This meta-doctor worked wonderfully. You can see it on my other post. Anyway. I have only encountered two problems. A the messaging app won't work with one of my gmail accounts, but can receive the emails and the messages people send me on the account, but when I attempt to return the messages it gives me an error saying that it can't send my message. B there has only been one update and ever since the update manager just goes in an apparent infinite loop. Yes I have made a palm profile. I am wondering if anyone has a solution or identical problem please speak up.
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    You need more details on the pre. What do you mean by use the phone without the sprint plan? What dr did you use? What kind of update did you get?

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