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    I'll try to keep it short. I haven't found the answer in a search.

    I have a Pre minus. If I set it down for a while and start using it I have no wifi connection. It will not connect to 3G becasue it sees the wifi. I have to turn on and off "Airplane Mode" and it connects fine to the network and stays that way unless I set it down for a good period of time.

    Here's the deal - I had this problem and ended up just resetting the phone and making a new profile. It worked fine with the new profile.

    Like a dummy, I reset the phone again with WebOS Doctor and I am now back to my original profile (forgot the info for the replacement profile).

    Now that I'm back to the original profile, this wifi thing is an issue again. I'd hate to wipe the phone again and I'd rather find out what the problem is.

    I had both profiles configured the same with Uberkernel/Govnah and OS 1.45.
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    Is this to a single WiFi network or when connecting to any WiFi network? If it's just to a single WiFi network then you might want to reset the router.
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    Seems like any wifi network.

    I think I have it configured like my old profile now. I have gone into wifi settings and turned wifi off when phone sleeps. This starts up wifi automatically when I open the phone. it takes a couple of seconds to connect, which is the way I had it set on my oher profile. Good enough for me right now.

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