Hey guys,

Short version:
If you own and like Paper Basketball Plus, could you please rate it?

Long version:
So I just released a new version that with one app purchase will work on all current devices (pixi / veer / pre / pre2 / touchpad) the idea being that I didn't want to be a jerk and make people buy a separate "HD" version for people with touchpad and a phone.

Unfortunately there was a bug in the resent version. But thankfully I caught it before it was released and requested that update get rejected. Well something got messed up because it got posted anyway. And I started receiving 1 star reviews.

The palm team (@adora, chuq, and @germboy) jumped in to help fix the problem quickly, but they have a rule about not changing reviews. SO, I'm hoping that anyone here that DOES own and like Paper Basketball Plus, could do me a favor and review it to help balance out the 1 stars that came about out of my control.