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    I still like the Pre, but it's got some niggles that drive me nuts, especially the inexplicable sluggishness that crops up randomly. Wondering if a move to 2.1 might solve this, or if I should find a Pre 2 and bolt 'em together. If that would speed up things enough, I could *wait* another 6 months before bolting to AT&T/ Verizon or jumping to Android/iOS or both. Out of contract, so if I brick something I can always just get a new phone. Any advice?
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    never o-clocked my pre+, but Pre2 is soooooooo much faster... And the device just feels more solid.
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    jaker...i am in the same boat. I have a developer coupon to get a Pre2 and Frankenpre it. Or put 2.1 on the Pre- since a lot of bugs have been ironed out. Or switch to Android.


    Damn it Sprint.....Announce something.

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