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    so a friend is giving me his old pre, he says it won't turn on. I've looked up every possibility on how to get it workin. What I want to know is if I could get it to turn on and function properly can it be of any use besides as a pda or a nice paper weight hahaha. Would I be able to put verizons mobile hot spot on it and use it or any thing like that seeing how it's a sprint pre and I'm with verizon or is it useless until it's been activated. Any info would be much appreciated thanks in advance everyone.
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    You can use it with wifi only for everything except a phone.
    You can run metadoctor to activate the palm profile thru wifi.
    Or enable a special mode (forgot the name) with a HP/Palm code.
    Doing the same (wifi only).
    I think it is called enable developer phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    So it doesn't charge either?
    Test with another battery.

    If it charges, the first was hardware fault.
    If it discharges, it's modem firmware error.
    If it works, congrats.
    That wasn't the question!
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    thanks everyone for the quick replies, can't wait to get my hands on that pre now. Gonna give meta doctor a shot and see what it's all about, I've been wanting to try it but not on my pixi tho seeing how it's my main device.
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    I'm stuck with a paper weight, it won't charge or turn on even after swapping batteries with my pixi.i guess ima try and taking it apart and see what the internal parts look like for the hell of it. I was hoping to take advangtage of the 16 gigs it has, this sucks!
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    Had a similar thought. My 4th pre broke and replacement is on the way, but think ive had enough and will upgrade to a Photon on Sunday if I like it in the store.

    So the "new" replacement Pre comes on Monday. What can I do with it? I assume even though it isn't activated that I can use it on home Wifi? Can I download games and upload them to the phone via USB and use it as a gaming console for my kids? Would other programs work through home wifi and not Sprints (like facebook/email)? How bout if I used to to upgrade a family member (like my daughter's Sammy Seek)...would she have to pay the $10 "smartphone" fee? or is it a grandfathered phone since it's in essence my 2009 palm pre (but version #4).
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    You should be able to create a palm profile over wifi, I believe a post above has that link.

    Then install preware on the phone over usb, lookup skip firstuse app and bypass carrier activation in preware, you should then be able to have access to the app catalog over wifi and be able to do all the smart stuff about your phone without the phone part. Kind of like an ipod touch.

    I'm not sure about this because I've only done it with a verizon pixi and I'm on my phone right now and can't look stuff up very well. Anyone please feel free to correct me.

    EDIT: ya, I was a bit wrong there, here this thread should tell you everything you need.
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    I have a similar question. When my contract is up with Verizon how can I transfer my phone to another carrier, a cheaper carrier, like: Sprint, MetroPCS etc with my saved Palm profile intact?
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    don't mess with the metadooctor. Use the bypass uutility from the palm website.

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