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    I've used preware and homebrew since I've had my phone for 2 years
    I stoped after the latest upgrade was not available for pre-. Then I saw everyone getting the frankenpre upgrades, but there were kinks at the time so I decided to wait until they were worked out to upgrade. I have a pre- on sprint, I'm not getting a new phone for the time being.

    it's been some time now since 2.1
    can anyone give me a quick rundown of those kinks/glitches, if they were fixed, and if so direct me to where I can upgrade

    thanks in advance
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    The kinks are completely ironed out. Check it out in the webOS-internals wikipedia page. Its a snap. Basically run the script and you're done. Like butter.
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    the new meta-scripts work well now. Voicedial & all. Just add UberKernel speed it up to at least screenstate 500/800. You will be pleased with 2.1. There aren't as many patches available because alt of the functionality has been built in to 2.1.
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    and many webos 2.1 related bugs like google calendar synching and universal calendar search are also getting better by using patches:
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    did they fix all the freezing and lag on text application with the new script?
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    good thread...thanks. Pre- owner and desperate to do something.
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    still no answer? Really??
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    thanks, ill try it out

    what text script bug?
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    I think the post was refering about the delay in texting. There is a couple of second delay in sending a text message in 2.1. Because of it, I found myself hitting the send button twice, which brings up the attachment screen. I have also thought I sent texts and not actually sent them because of the delay. If you text alot it can be very annoying.

    I actually switched back to 1.4.5 because of I bugged me so much. With the all the patches available, I haven't missed too much from 2.1 in going back. It is all a preference thing, I do find it frustrating that this hasn't been fixed as texting is an important part of phone use for many people.

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