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    Same problem. Installed 1.4 and can't sign in still
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    You're on VZW, right? You might have to get it reactivated. You normally do this with *228 and choosing the first option, but it sounds like you already tried that?
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    Yes tried that many times.
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    so I finally got it to work.
    what I did was reactivate my droid then activated my pre all thru verizon's site. Then I updated to 2.1 and now I'm finally back.

    the neg.
    I still have the voicemail notification! Hahhaha
    I'm just gonna leave it alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jalexmontes View Post
    so I finally got it to work.

    the neg.
    I still have the voicemail notification! Hahhaha
    I'm just gonna leave it alone.
    WHAT!!!! lol...

    ok lets try this again

    Open the dialpad and type ##786#

    Goto Reset phone..
    When it asks for the MSL type.......

    Lol... nah... jk
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    hahaha I have a feeling if I would activated my droid and then the pre I would have been able to sign in and have 3g or Ev. I might just try it tonight.

    oh and I ended up staying up til 5 last night haha I jinx'd myself
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    is there any other way to remove the notification?
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    I actually had a phantom voicemail notification once. I called myself from a different phone, left a voicemail or two, then listened to them. Cleared it right up.
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    that fixed it haha.
    I restarted my phone just for the hell of it. When it turned it said I had ONE voicemail this time. So I decided to listen to it and sure enough I had a new vm.
    notification is gone now.
    I could have had a full nights rest last night! Dammit! Haha. Oh well. Thanks for the help everyone

    webOS for life homie!
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    ....I just realized that I can swipe any notification off to the side. Learn something new everyday.
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    Yeah, voice mail notifications that you swipe will come back eventually though I believe.

    As far as battery life, I would HIGHLY recommend a touchstone or 2. I have one at home, my office and one in my car. You can get them SUPER cheap here.

    Set Your Location

    BONUS: They will also work with the pre3 for charging.

    Also, I always carry an extra charged battery in my laptop bag, just in case. It only takes a minute or 2 to swap a battery (then a few minutes for a restart) and your back to full!

    As far as apps -
    I HEAVILY recommend Paper Basketball Plus. It's like paper toss, but has achievements, unlockable stages, timed mode and stuff. AND I made it. So I'm TOTALLY biased.

    Bad Kitty is a great twitter app, and spaz is a decent one that's free

    Be sure to get preware and in there look at freetether, and start looking into over clocking (It's STUPID easy on webos)

    Geostrings is great. It lets you set reminders based on location

    Dr. Podder and sticher are great for podcasts

    Radius is a very pretty converter program.

    AND i'll stop.
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    thanks for the reply
    I'm def gonna buy several Touchstone. For now I just bring my bus cable to work and hook it up to a ps3.
    I'm downloading that paper game now.
    I already installed prepared and several apps thru it.
    thanks for all the recommendations
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    hahaha I just checked my reply and noticed all the auto-corrections my pre made.
    and I meant to say "touchstoneS"
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