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    Im located in canada, the pre 1 is exclusive to Bell while the palm pre 2 is exclusive to rogers.

    I have spilt beer on my's working still but acting drunk. Many flaws, on and off. I want to get rid of it.

    My friend sold me an iphone 4 for $200 and on kijiji there is a guy that wants to trade a pre 2 + $100 for an iphone 4.

    Anyone can point me towards a cheap pre 2 unlock site?
    Or should I keep the iphone 4 and forget about the pre2?
    Is the pre 2 a lot better than the pre 1? I kinda like the pre (i really like the email setup and trackmywork and trackmyweight apps) but everyone praises the iphone. I only had the Bberry before. so confused...
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    prolly shoulda posted this is Pre2 section.

    my opinion is stay with webOS. But it comes down to what do you prefer. iOS or webOS?

    both those phones are gonna eventually be out of date, iphone 5 and pre3 are coming.

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