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    two months ago I switched from the Sprits data plan, to their messaging one. and I got a new LG Rumor Touch. but, I didnt expect my Pre to break on me. I used the old pre for music player, and wifi things etc.

    my problem is that the touchscreen isn't responsive anymore 99% of the time. other times its way off from where I touch.

    I tried webos doctor twice, and it didnt affect anything.
    I assume its a hardware issue. does anybody have any ideas on what i could do myself to maybe fix it?
    it's entirely useless now, so even if I have to do voodoo on this thing, I dont mind. any ideas?
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    Replacing the screen might be your only option. And thats if that is the issue. I have taken my Pre apart and its not to bad. Never replaced a screen though. I had to repair my own power button.

    I am sure others on this forum have far more stories about taking them apart. Then again you can prolly get a new phone off of ebay for like $60.

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    How did you repair your power button?

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