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    Hey All,
    I just got a dandy Pre2 so I'm going to let my wife have my Pre Plus. Here's my problem. I did what I thought was a successful full wipe of the device. Now I'm stuck on the Palm Profile create/login-in screen. It fails when I try to create a Pam Profile for my wife. I think that I need to do another full reset to out-of-the-box status. How do I do that? I can't get to the device info app and holding down the power button doesn't help.
    I'd appreciate your help,
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    Go download official webOS doctor.

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    is the esn number of the phone active for your wife's account? You don't need to dr if you did a full erase. I'll bet it is not activated. You can change the esn online and then on the profile screen on the phone, go to 911 only and do a *228 to activate it. Then create your profile.
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    Can you help me with how to do a full erase? I'm not sure I did it right?
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    If you are at the profile creation screen, you did a full erase or erased at least the apps and profile. If you want to do anything further, you will have to log in or create a new account or use the WebOS Dr.
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    I tried the Dr. and couldn't get the Pre to connect to the computer. I did the volume switch procedure and couldn't get past step one. Any suggestions?
    Riding the Tucson roads & trails

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