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    I'll raise my hand first.

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    webOS 1.4.5
    F102A Delta Dagger
    80 Patches

    Missing USB door with corresponding crack making it's way toward the touchscreen.
    Had to fix my power button with a piece of rubber-band: works as good as new now.
    My headphone jack is acting up, I've been using it everytime I drive for the past 2 years.
    This phone is like a loyal dog, but getting old...
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    I do, in fact it's so good, I may putting off buying a new phone.

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    I can't wait to get rid of mine.
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    Launch day still with some shine.
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    Launch day, still does all the things I want from it. I will upgrade to a Pre 3, but for now, my Sprint Pre is still a pleasure.

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    I do. Just want it to last until I have some more options.
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    I don't go device hopping just because one is available. I like what I see in future webOS phones, I will get one when mine finally dies after Sprint gets one.

    My Pre does everything I need it to.
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    I' all in!
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    I think I like my $50 Veer more, but I just love the size of the Pre (Plus). If mine didn't have the battery issue I would go back. My Pre is still in great condition though with the exception of the flat power button.

    Note to HP: release the damn Pre3 already. On Amazon. With a pricing error.
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    Still Loving it, and just hit my two year ann. I switched for a couple of days to an android phone my work gave me, but went right back to my pre. Overclocking definitely has helped me hold off till a new webos phone on sprint.
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    I still love mine, and my fiance loves hers. Unfortunately, they're both close to worn out. Not a complaint, they're worn out through plain old extended use.

    Even though we're up for a full 2-year upgrade on both phones, we're waiting to see what happens first. Either the Pre3 (for me) and the Veer (for her) land on sprint (which we're not leaving) or we'll be forced to switch to Android.
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    I still have mine ever since the very first day they went on sale and I was first in line. I could use a new phone but I don't want to give up my webos. Keep hoping for another webos on Sprint network but I'll hang on to this one until who knows when.
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    My Pre is the best phone I've ever had. I'll keep it till there's a new webOS phone on Sprint, or they run out of replacement inventory.

    This phone does everything I need it to.
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    Love my Pre- on 2.1 but would really love a Pre 3 on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo View Post
    My Pre is the best phone I've ever had. I'll keep it till there's a new webOS phone on Sprint, or they run out of replacement inventory.

    This phone does everything I need it to.
    Yep! I wouldn't mind a newer model, but this little phone has been quite useful over the two years I've had it.
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    First day launch, clocked, 2.1 with flash and now memory swap. What fun.
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    I wish we'd get a clear signal from Sprint on their plans (though the roadmap that was just leaked apparently doesn't say a peep about webOS). If they're definitely not getting a device, I'd like to take a crack at a FrankenPre..
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    Homebrew saved my interest...
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    Over 2 years old, OC'd with over 50 patches (thanks homebrew), fully functional and still does everything that I need from a smartphone. As much as I love my Sprint Pre (refuse to call it a minus) I can't wait for the Pre 3 to complement my preordered 32 GB TouchPad. My Pre has been a very dependable phone for me (had never been doctored).
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