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    I absolutely love my palm pre but its falling apart, does anyone know where i can buy one for cheap? or if its going to be able to be paired with the touchpad to be able to answer calls and texts from the touchpad since its paired through bluetooth?
    Also, has anyone had problems with their speakerphone? Mine is very muffled, to the point that i cant understand people talk, even when my phone rings, it sounds like crap

    if i cant find a cheap Pre, then I will be leaving WebOS for Android, it wont be a "Goodbye", but more of a "See you later". I really REALLY like the WebOS operating system, but I need a new phone, so the EVO 3D will do until Sprint starts carrying new HP(formerly PALM) cell phones with the WebOS operating system, or if i find a new Palm Pre for sprint
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    I bought a 99 dollar Verizon Pre Plus off eBay and used the cellular board from my beat up Sprint Pre to get a brand new phone and a new experience with webOs on Sprint.

    It was such a good experience that I am looking for an affordable Pre2 to move the guts into.

    It's like getting an upgrade (albeit a generation or two behind) without having to renew my contract with Sprint. WebOS is so good that I don't mind not having the biggest 'specs'.

    And I can be patient while waiting for an eventual return to Sprint for HP.

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