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    My Pre life just sucks, the usb side cracked and they said I can't get a replacement because the board is exposed -.- I didn't do it (Explicit word) . The OS is now slow and buggy permanently now my touchstone doesn't work? Crack on my back door where the crack is on the usb side, I think I can't take waiting for a Pre 3 announcement anymore since I can't get a damn replacement phone. Why is Sprint treating me like this and I've been with them for 6 years
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    Call customer support, threaten to leave Sprint?
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    You can ask for customer retention when you call Sprint. Threatening to leave is pretty important to them, especially since they're losing customers like a person with a severed lomb loses blood. With the Iphone now on Verizon and T-Mobile being acquired by AT&T, Sprint is really hemorrhaging customers. They'll probably send you a replacement phone, but it won't really matter because it will be a refurbished Pre and the Pre is well-known for having a bunch of hardware problems, including the crack by the USB port that almost all Pre owners seem to have. So give it a shot and, but your replacement phone will definitely start to fall apart before you see a Pre 3 on Sprint.
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    slow and laggy? redoctor it to 1.4.5 (search for webos doctor). Cracks, chips, exposed USB area board = welcome to the club = superglue the crack and tape holds mine together getting ready to switch to at/t for pre3

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