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    hi, i have a Sprint Palm Pre- and i upgraded to 2.1 and whenever i try to view a video such as a youtube video the battery turns up to like 56 degrees Celsius according to govnah and than the video says "video type unsupported" or "video unable to view"

    Any ideas how i can fix this? Also its overclocked to 1GHz
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    Unrelated to the original issue, I too upgraded to 2.1 on Sprint Pre two days ago. Overall, it is awesome but have had two intermittent issues:

    1- The top menu that displays the battery percentage and wifi settings stops working after a while, a restart usually fixes it.
    2- the camera is very sketchy, I would take a picture and it looks like it did but there is no photo in the Photos app

    Are these known issues?
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    cool.. so why'd you comment...

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