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    Will performing any of the following, full erase/erase usb drive/erase apps and data, result in problems with the Franken Pre?

    It has been about 6 months since I performed the surgery on my phone, and it has begun slowing down and even malfunctioning at times. I was hoping that doing a full erase would help with this problem, but I do not want it to screw anything up.

    I assume that after the erase, the phone will boot with the firmware/os that I metadoctored and it will be just fine. But I don't want to lose my phone to an assumption.

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    did a bypass to get it running when the palm profiles were down for a week.

    profiles are back...
    How do get rid of "Dr Skipped First Use"?

    Phone does not seem to "Full Erase"

    Should I unfranken+ then, doctor to original VzPre+
    ReFranken+, then re metaDoc?

    stumped :P

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