Hello, i have a palm pre from the first generation and have installed in it preware. The reason i'm asking here, is because i hve searched on the forums as well as the net, but i'm more confused than ever. I enabled the optware packages in preware, but when i try to search for one,for example, nmap, it doesn't show none. It's like the optware feeds would not be there.
I heard about the opt-get to install manually, but i prefer to manage that via preware, as is more understandable and easy.
I have seen the Optware advanced Linux CommandLine installer in the preware search function, but i'm not sure it that is the app i need, because it is listed among the optware bootstrap.
Anyone can pinpoint me to a solution for understanding this?. I would like to access the packages listed in the www.nslu2linux.org/wiki/Optware/Packages, because there are listed more than 1700 packages.
I know that these are command line apps, but there is no problem as i have installed the terminal app on my pre.
Thanks in advance!!!