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    so i had to fix my wifi. so i did a tear down of my 2ed hand pre to get to it. and i thought while im there i might as well clean out the speaker holes. so i take out the speaker and find ir next to the speaker. so now im wondering how can i use this bad boy?
    1) was palm nice and left drivers?
    2)why has no one else found this?
    3) yes i know what ir looks like.
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    It'd be great if you could post pics too!
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    Question #2 is the best one - why didn't ifixit find it when doing their teardown? Why didn't webOS-internals find it?

    I don't want to sound harsh, but even if you do know what IR senders/receivers look like, you're not the only one - and the fact that you're the first one to spot something in a device that's been selling for over two years now should maybe give you pause, especially if that device has been completely dismantled and reassembled by dozens of people before...

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    Oh wow, I can think of a couple different reasons why this could be useful:

    -ir keyboard (oh yeah)
    -data transfer between devices
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    the two metal boxes next to the speaker are the ir ports and at first glance thay dont look like it but sadly thay are there is even an ir window on the case you can see it if you take out the speaker and hold it up to the light and there are too meany wires on that ribbon cable for just a speaker

    sorry i cant post pics i need 10 points lol
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    So hard to believe I would love an IR port
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zachery980 View Post
    sorry i cant post pics i need 10 points lol
    I'm afraid this is one reason nobody believes you ;-)
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    ambient light sensor. Case closed.
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    pre2 has an IR port, just to the right of the front ear speaker. I have not found out what it's for yet either, but it is there. If you hold a pre2 in the sun, you'll see the sensor.. No pics for proof needed..
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    As previously stated, it's the light sensor.
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    then why would there be 2
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it
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    it's the proximity sensor too. Make a call and then cover it with your finger.
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    One is the Ambient light sensor. The other is the IR Proximity sensor

    IR Proximity Sensor - WebOS Internals
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    can the the IR Proximity sensor be modded cuz its an ir receiver so all that needs to be done is a driver mod
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it
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    needs to be connected to a UART.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    needs to be connected to a UART.
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    but can the mod be done
    if you can't mod it or hack it, it ant worth it

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