I received a replacement Pre for a hardware failure, and before I swapped, I used the palm profile backup and the save/restore app as outlined in "The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device."

Everything went fine (I thought) until this morning when I went to call my Dad for fathers day. His phone numbers were no longer part of his contact information. Further investigation leads my to find out that neither the profile backup nor save/restore backup the phone app information, which I guess is where his phone numbers were associated with his contact info. Some numbers did show up on the new unit, I think via my google contacts.

The old unit is wiped and on its way back to sprint, so recovery from it is no longer possible. I do have a back up of the palmdatabase.db3 file. Will the phone app numbers be in there somewhere? If so, should I just extract them manually, or copy the file back onto the new unit?

I'm really surprised that numbers that were associated with contacts via the phone app would not be backed up (or flow back to the google contacts side). "The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device" could use a note about that.