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    Hello folks,

    Been lurking on this blog for a couple of years...

    Anyway, I'm getting my mum's original Pre in a couple of days (I recommended it at the time, always liked the look of WebOS) and i'm looking for options of what to do with it...

    Basically, it's got cracks from the centre button, i'd like to get it ship shape again, but without spending too much cash (because i don't have much!), what's the best way of going about it?

    Should I get in touch with Palm/HP? The centre crack things all over the net as a design flaw

    Or can anyone recommend a place I can get a replacement screen (I've looked on ebay but they don't seem to be much cheaper than buying a whole phone second hand outright and on another note... jeez I can't believe how cheap they are compared to old iPhones etc)

    Or finally does anyone have a broken pre with an intact screen I could buy off them for a small sum?

    Or any other suggestions...
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    i say sell it off on ebay for a small amount or donate it to webOS internal. and Buy your mum a shiny new Veer
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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